rubberbandsrainbowThere are many different appliances that an orthodontist can use to aid in your treatment.  Essentially these are devices that can be used in addition to your braces to help you achieve your desired smile.

Rubber bands

Rubber bands also known as elastics can be attached to your braces in a variety of ways in order to help your upper and lower teeth fit more comfortably and precisely together.  Always wear rubber bands the way they are prescribed and wear them a lot!  The more you wear them, the better they work.

Neck gear

Neck gear is used to correct overbites and patients that have a smaller lower jaw compared to their upper jaw.  It has the ability to restrict growth in the upper jaw, allowing the lower jaw to grow and catch up with the upper jaw, giving a more balanced and pleasing facial esthetic.

Forsus Appliance

This appliance is also for patients with large overbites.  It works by using a spring system attached to your braces that pushes your lower jaw forward and upper teeth back resulting in a reduced overbite.  This appliance is usually worn for slightly over one year in growing patients.


The bionator is a clear plastic retainer the guides the lower jaw into a forward position while biting.  It is used to correct overbites and very deficient lower jaws.  It does this by dramatically redirecting lower jaw growth in order to get a favourable esthetic profile and functionally correct bite that will last.

Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE)

Most people don’t know that the roof of the mouth is made up of two separate bones that are connected together by a suture.  In growing patients this suture is often still developing and with the use of a palatal expander, it can be widened.  This device painlessly expands the upper arch, getting rid of crossbites and creates more space for crowded teeth.  Expansion is complete within a couple weeks, then the appliance is worn for several months to allow the two bones of the upper jaw to heal.


Positioners are sometimes used at the end of treatment for a period of four to eight weeks.  There are used for the final micro movements needed to completely finish your orthodontic treatment.


Separators a tiny rubber rings that we place between teeth to slightly push them apart.  We do this for a one week period so that bands, which are the back part of your braces, have enough room to slide over your molars and stay in place.  Since separators are only in your mouth for a short time, we ask that you briefly stay away from sticky foods or other things that could potentially pull them out.

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