First Visit


Portrait of cheerful boy and girl

Smiles are forever and since we know what a major commitment
getting braces is, we want to start the process with a thorough examination and explanation so you feel comfortable moving forward. This examination, called a "consultation", typically last about 15 minutes and allows Dr. Ponikvar to determine the patient’s facial balance and symmetry in addition to tooth position evaluation which is measured and recorded each step of the way. At this stage, treatment may not be indicated depending on the patient’s number of adult teeth or severity of the case. If treatment is recommended, your cost, treatment options, and length of time in braces are then discussed. If you decide to continue with treatment you can set up an appointment time for an even more in depth evaluation of the patient’s skeletal structure and the positions of the teeth relative to each other and the bones of the head. This is referred to as a records appointment that involves X-rays, pictures and orthodontic impressions which are done so that Dr. Ponikvar can verify if all the information during the initial consultation exam at your first appointment was correct. After the records appointment and the plan for orthodontic treatment is double checked and verified, braces are ready to be placed and treatment is ready to begin during the third appointment.


To book your first appointment please fill out the information on our contact page and we will reach you to schedule a consultation appointment as soon as possible. We look forward to meeting you in person!