Life with Braces

mother and daughter lying close together
When you first get braces, they feel like they are sticking out everywhere...that's because they are! They can rub your cheeks, tongue and lips. They don't irritate everyone, but if they do, it helps to rinse with mouthwash. We suggest using Listerine about three time a day for the first week.

There is always a chance you could break something (i.e. getting hit in the mouth by accident or during sports). If so, let us know as soon as you can by calling the office. If something minor happens (i.e. poking wire) you can often times push it out of the way with a fingernail so its more comfortable. Also, we will provide you with soft wax that can be used to cover the problem area.

Pain! We find most of our patients don't have pain, but rather a dull ache or soreness for approximately four to ten days after getting braces on. Most say five days of soreness is the average. During this time soft foods and Advil/Tylenol will help with the discomfort. Following this initial period you won't feel much soreness until your next appointment when your braces are adjusted or "tightened". The odd person feels nothing, but this is the exception not the rule.

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