Types of Braces


In todays world of contemporary orthodontics, patients have more choices when it comes to braces than ever before. In our office we offer four main types of braces.

Metal Braces
These are the type of brackets and wires that people think of when the picture braces. Currently they are small, comfortable, durable and built more precisely than ever before.

Pros: costs less, very durable, moves teeth fast

Cons: noticeable (but we find after one week patients are comfortable with their braces. In time they often want to show them off with different colored elastics ties that hold the wire into the brackets. This is the case with kids and adults, believe us it’s true!)


Clear Ceramic Braces

In performance, size and shape, these are just like metal braces except that they are clear. They are made of a hard ceramic material and they don’t stain or discolour.


Less noticeable, don’t discolour


More expensive, more fragile, breakage increases treatment time



Invisalign consists of clear, removable aligners that are custom built to fit over your teeth. They incrementally move your teeth as aligners are replaced by new ones every two weeks.


Barely noticeable, can be removed for eating/drinking or social events


More expensive, not appropriate for complex cases, treatment may not be as fast or accurate



Lingual Braces

These are placed behind your teeth so that they can’t be seen. They are state of the art and custom made for your teeth and dental condition.


Can’t be seen


Most expensive, not appropriate for complex cases, less comfortable, longer treatment times

In addition to the above types of braces there are other auxiliary appliances that we use to correct problems such as a narrow palates, small lower jaws or severe overbites. These include biteplates, expanders and class II correctors, which are not used in the majority of people and only when the patient’s dental condition warrants them.

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