What to Eat

burgerThere are four types of foods you need to be careful about.

Hard Foods: Such as ice cubes, bones, hard candies, nuts, pens, pencils, and pizza crusts should be avoided at all times. They can break braces off and they can break teeth.

Crunchy Foods: like carrots, celery, apples and radishes can be eaten once they are cut up into bitesize pieces. If not, they tend to loosen wires and pry braces right off the teeth!

Sugary Foods: including sugary drinks and all junk food in general should be limited. The less of this stuff the better. Once in a while if eaten as a treat right after a meal is ok...if you brush as soon as you are done.

Sticky Foods: like starburst, skittles, gummy bears, taffy, caramel and gum are some of the best candies, but are the worst for your teeth and braces. They pull off braces and degrade the entire set of braces over time due to the amount of stickiness and chewing. So we advise that you stay away from this type of food at all costs.

The rest of your regular diet is ok. Feel free to eat sandwiches, pizza, steaks, even Big Macs! Braces were built to use while eating, we just don't want you to be too tough on them:)

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